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Toni Atkins Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website, Office

Toni Atkins is a famous American political personality to whom you may know as the President pro tempore of the California State Senate. Many users want to know her contact details and searching for questions like what are the contact details of Toni Atkins, where Toni Atkins lives, what is the phone number of Toni Atkins, how to contact Toni Atkins etc. So we have collected all of their answers and posted them in this article. You can also make your visit to her website where she shares everything detail of her political moves and events.

Toni Atkins

Toni Atkins is an American politician who is currently serving as President pro tempore of the California State Senate. She was named to this post in March 2018. She has also been the Member of the California State Senate from the 39th district since 2016. This democratic party leader has also served from various other political posts like Member of San Diego City Council from the 3rd district (2000- 2008), Mayor of San Diego (2005), Member of the California State Assembly from the 78th district 76th district (2010- 2016), 69th Speaker of the California Assembly (2014- 2016) and many more. You can also go for the articles of Nikki Haley, Andrew Cuomo, Kris Kobach and Steve Bullock.

About/Wiki Toni Atkins

Toni Atkins Birth Name  Toni G. Atkins
Toni Atkins DOB  August 1, 1962

Toni Atkins was born on August 1, 1962 in Virginia of USA. She is married to Jennifer LeSar.

What are the Phone Numbers of Toni Atkins?

Toni Atkins Personal Phone Number  N/A
Toni Atkins Whatsapp Number  N/A
Toni Atkins Mobile Number  N/A
Toni Atkins Office Phone Numbers  619-280-5353 (San Diego)
202-225-2040 (Washington)
Toni Atkins Fax Numbers  619-280-5311(San Diego)

The office numbers of different locations of Toni Atkins are shared here in this column. You can use these details as per your region.

What are the Email IDs of Toni Atkins?

Toni Atkins Personal Email ID  N/A
Toni Atkins Office Email ID  N/A

You need to wait for the updates of Toni Atkins. We will publish the details very soon.

What are the Contact Addresses of Toni Atkins?

Toni Atkins Residence Address San Diego, CA
Toni Atkins Office Address 2700 Adams Avenue, Suite 102 San Diego, CA 92116
Toni Atkins Office Address 1214 Longworth HOB Washington, DC 20515

Both office addresses of Toni Atkins are given here. You can contact or meet her team using these details.

Official Website: susandavis.house.gov

This link will redirect you to the website of Toni Atkins here you will get to see more details of political affairs.

Social Media Profiles of Toni Atkins

Facebook Fan Page  facebook.com/RepSusanDavis
Twitter Handle  twitter.com/repsusandavis
Instagram Handle  instagram.com/repsusandavis
YouTube Channel  youtube.com/user/RepSusanADavis
Snapchat ID  N/A

If you want to receive regular updates from Toni Atkins, then you need to connect with her on social media.

Important Links

Contact us:  susandavis.house.gov/contact
This link will help you in getting more contact details of Toni Atkins.

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