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Pete Buttigieg Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website, Office

In the following content, we are going to provide you some details of Pete Buttigieg which might help you in contacting him.  If you have anything that you want to share with Pete Buttigieg then you must go for this article. Following details contain Pete Buttigieg phone number, Pete Buttigieg fax number, office address, Pete Buttigieg residence details, Pete Buttigieg email IDs etc. All these details are available in table format. We have attached some accessible links of his website. Pete Buttigieg is also active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other profiles.

Pete Buttigieg

You all know Pete Buttigieg as the 32nd Mayor of South Bend. He was appointed to this position in the year 2012. In the upcoming United States presidential election, he will stand as the democratic party candidate. Many people may not know that Pete Buttigieg is a military officer who served United States Navy Reserve as a Lieutenant rank. He has worked in the military for years 2009 to 2017. In his career, he faced the War in Afghanistan.  This politician studied from Harvard University, Pembroke College and Oxford. Check out more details of this politician from the below blog. Interested ones can also read about Joe Lockhart, Elizabeth Warren, Seth Moulton and Adam Schiff.

About/Wiki Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg Birth Name  Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg
Pete Buttigieg DOB  January 19, 1982

Pete Buttigieg was born on 19 Jan 1982 in South Bend. In the year 2018, he got married to Chasten Buttigieg.

What are the Phone Numbers of Pete Buttigieg?

Pete Buttigieg Personal Phone Number  N/A
Pete Buttigieg Whatsapp Number  N/A
Pete Buttigieg Mobile Number  N/A
Pete Buttigieg Office Phone Numbers  574-233-0311
574-235-5567 TTY
Pete Buttigieg Fax Number  N/A

His official contact numbers are available here. If you are planning to contact him, then these numbers may help you.

What are the Email IDs of Pete Buttigieg?

Pete Buttigieg Personal Email ID  N/A
Pete Buttigieg Office Email ID  mayorpete@southbendin.gov

You can also write down your notes and send them to Pete Buttigieg by using the given email address.

What are the Contact Addresses of Pete Buttigieg?

Pete Buttigieg Residence Address  South Bend, Indiana
Pete Buttigieg Office Address  227 West Jefferson Blvd., Suite 1400 N
South Bend, Indiana 46601

Pete Buttigieg is the Mayor for South Bend. His office is located on given address. Visit his office and meet him there.

Official Website: peteforamerica.com

Check out the link and visit the website of Pete Buttigieg where you will find more details about his background and military department.

Social Media Profiles of Pete Buttigieg

Facebook Fan Page  facebook.com/petebuttigieg1
Twitter Handle  twitter.com/petebuttigieg
Instagram Handle  instagram.com/pete.buttigieg
YouTube Channel  N/A
Snapchat ID  N/A

Pete Buttigieg is also a famous personality on social media. Connect with him by following these accounts.

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  • Clara Arvizu September 7, 2019, 5:48 pm

    I truly believe that God gave us a brain and expects us to use it. As a retired 3rd grade teacher I taught care of the earth. We have abused it. Peace and responsibility are my main concerns. Solve those issues and save the 🌎. Stay safe.

  • Eileen Hynes September 13, 2019, 3:00 am

    I feel it is important to share the following thoughts. I am so distraught about witnessing the Democratic contenders tear each other apart! So sad & destructive.From the first debate, starting with Harris shqowing her fangs & others following suit, I felt defeated. How are we to win when we are attempting to destroy each other? The first and only ray of hope I felt was when I heard you say that you felt sympathy for the current president. He s clearly unfit for this office, but I believe he is very ill. I do not know why , but it is so clear that he is. When I heard you speak, I felt for the first time that you could lead my beloved country with compassion, understands & leadership that has been lost since 2016. This is not America any longer. I am horrified by the Greedom Caucus, the Syncophants and the Spineless! keep thinking about the verse that begins with the words “….a House divided cannot stand…..” I am equally pained by the Democrats tone and attacks on each other. You are the only one that raised my hopes and saw a Way for u to heal our wounds & find a path forward as Americans with respect for our differences. I Thank God for you daily & pray that you succeed in your vision of a peaceful & just America.

  • Eileen Hynes September 13, 2019, 3:03 am

    Thank You

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