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Chalkbeat Customer Service Phone Number, Email Id, Office Address

Quality education is a basic right which many of the students are deprived of either because of race or because of financial background. And this problem can only be revealed by an independent and honestly working organization and to provide this information to the responsible government so that could take steps to improve it. Chalkbeat is one such organization in USA, a non-profit organization which works for educational changes that should take place in some of the backwards parts of the country so that children of those areas could grow up as good citizens and help those communities to grow. It also provides suggestions and researches to experts who work for this same cause and who are liable to implement some measures.

Chalkbeat is a result of EdNews Colorado and Gotham Schools merger. They are driven by a mission to eradicate illiteracy. Supported by sponsors who help those children for education. There sources are from many places. Currently they are working in New York, Colorado, Indiana, Tennessee and Detroit. Detroit is the newest branch of Chalkbeat.

The customers are facing problems finding Chalkbeat on the internet. This article contains all the necessary contact information, social profiles and other important information about Chalkbeat which will help the customers for what information they require.

Chalkbeat Customer Service Contact Details


Chalkbeat Customer Service Number
there is no particular customer services number. You can contact the offices of Chalkbeat on their office phone numbers.

Chalkbeat Customer Service Email ID: contact@chalkbeat.org

Chalkbeat Headquarters’ Address: Chalkbeat is located at 5 places in the country: New York, Colorado, Indiana, Tennessee and Detroit.

Chalkbeat New York Office Address: Chalkbeat New York, 1250 Broadway, 30th floor, New York, NY 10001.

Chalkbeat Colorado Office Address: Chalkbeat Colorado, 1089 bannock street, Denver, Colorado, 80204.

Chalkbeat Indiana Office Address: Chalkbeat Indiana, c/o the Bureau, 719 Virginia Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46203.
Chalkbeat Tennessee Office Address: Chalkbeat Tennessee, 477 south main street. 4th floor, Memphis, TN 38103.
Chalkbeat Detroit Office Address: N/A

Chalkbeat Office Phone Number: Phone Numbers of all the offices can be found on the contact page of the website. The link for the same is mentioned under important links.

Chalkbeat Office Fax Number: N/A

Chalkbeat Official Website: chalkbeat.org
Any kind of information can be gained from the website.

Social Profiles
These social profiles will help you know about Chalkbeat in different regions and connect with them.

Facebook Fan Page for:

NY: facebook.com/ChalkbeatNY

Colorado: facebook.com/ChalkbeatCO

Tennessee: facebook.com/chalkbeattn

Indiana: facebook.com/chalkbeatin

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/chalkbeat

Twitter Handle for:

New York: twitter.com/chalkbeatny

Colorado: twitter.com/chalkbeatco

Tennessee: twitter.com/chalkbeattn

Indiana: twitter.com/chalkbeatin

Important Links

Contact Page: chalkbeat.org/contact
For complete contact information about Chalkbeat’s regional offices, this contact page can be accessed. The link will help you to reach the contact page on the website.

Careers Page: chalkbeat.org/careers
You have to sign up to subscribe and follow the instructions to know about the job you want according to your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions: N/A

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  • Yahaira Bernal January 11, 2018, 6:01 am

    I am a parent of a child that attends citzens of the world chater school.
    I would really appreacaite it if someone would reach out to me about the things ive read on this website. My self and other parents are extremly hurt and shocked that so.much information on my son school is untrue n not one person have not came out to either of our schools to speak to our parents.and staff on how we feel about this very poor and horribe decision.
    Please reach out to.me
    I would love to share how i feel n how other parents feel .we would really love it and apprecaiate it if you can hear our true honest stories.

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