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Open Library Customer Service Phone Number, Email ID, Office Address

Open Library is basically a web page which provides every published book on it. At this time,it has more than 20 milloin book record. It is non-profit program and it is running just with the help of grands from the California State Library and Kahle/Austin Foundation. This project was launched in 2006 to give reading stuff of every book ever published. It offers many rare books and out-of-print books which book lovers can read online.

This projected was created by Aaron Swartz and Brewster Kahle. All information of books on Open Library is collected from Library Of Congress. Some    of the books are also available in digital form and to access these books with a “Read” button appears on webpage. It also provides the information about books that from where you can buy or borrow different books.

This project of openlibrary was handled by George Oates from April 2009 to December 2011. Oates completed and redesigned this program in her leading period. After one year of her handling this site was relaunched in May 2010 and its codedbase is on GitHub.

Open Library Customer Service Contact Details

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Open Library Head Office Address: N/A

Open Library Head Office Contact Number: N/A

Open Library Head Office Email ID:ol-discuss@archive.org
Some details of head office of openlibrary like contact number and email are given above. For any queries and details about their service or problems you are facing, you can talk to them on these contact details.

Open Library Customer Care Contact Number: N/A

Open Library Customer Care Email ID:ol-discuss@archive.org

mailman@archive.org(For Mails)

Their customer care contact and email is given here, if you want to know about their website or if you want to access their website or to make an account on openlibrary , go to their customer contact details.

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Open Library Official Websieopenlibrary.org
This is the link of their official website. You can get all information about their service and to get information about using openlibrary then go to their official website.

Social Profiles

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/openlibrary

Facebook Fan Page: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Google+ : N/A

LinkedIn: N/A

Important Links

Contact Us: openlibrary.org/contact
You can get more information about their services and details you can visit their contact us page. The link is given above.

FAQ: openlibrary.org/help/faq
Get instant answers of your questions and queries on their FAQs page. If you are facing and trouble with their service or account just click on the given link to get quick response from openlibrary

Add a Book: openlibrary.org/books/add
If you are member/logged user and you want to add a book or a record in openlibrary then open this given link and you can easily add your book in this program.

Blog: blog.openlibrary.org
To get information about new updates,new collection of books or early reviews about openlibrary, visit their blog. Blog link is given above.

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Account: openlibrary.org/account/create
If you want to access openlibrary on your device, but you are don’t have account on openlibrary then go to this signup link. Create your account and easily use this service.

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