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Mercedes Benz Customer Service Phone Number, Email Id, Office Address

Mercedes-Benz is the first company to produce petrol powered cars. The company is a division of Daimler AG which is a German company specialising in the manufacture of buses, trucks, coaches and automobiles.

The title first appeared in the year 1926 but its origin can be traced back to Karl Benz’s 1886 Benz Motorwagen and 1901 Mercedes which is regarded as the first drivable automobile. The first petrol powered car was patented by Karl Benz under Benz Patent Motorwagen in January 1886.

Mercedes Benz was marketed in the year 1901 by DaimerMotoren Gesellschaft. It is one of the most established, well known and oldest automobile manufacturers in the world. The company is a pioneer in many safety inventions which was later used in many vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz origins can be traced back to Karl Benz’s making of the first petrol automobile, the Benz Patent Motorwagen, marketed by Bertha Benz which was patented in the month of January 1886.

Gottlieb Daimler and designer Wilhelm Maybach’s transformed the stagecoach by adding an oil motor soon thereafter. The Mercedes vehicle was first advertised in 1901 by Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft.

(Daimler Motors Corporation). Emil Jellinek, an Austrian businessman who worked with DMG made the trademark in the year 1902, naming the 1901 Mercedes after his little girl Mercedes Jellinek.

The primary Mercedes-Benz mark name vehicles were created in 1926, after the merger of Karl Benz’s and Gottlieb Daimler’s organisations into the Daimler-Benz company. On 28 June 1926, Mercedes-Benz was born with the merger of Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler’s two organisations.

Mercedes-Benz Customer Services Contact Details

Mercedes-Benz has top class team of customer service executive who is always happy to help you.

Mercedes-Benz Customer Services Number: 1-800-367-6372, 1-877-496-3691 (Takata Recall Hotline)

To get telephonic assistance from Mercedes Benz, don’t hesitate to call the above mentioned number

Mercedes Benz Customer Service Office Email Id: N/A

Mercedes Benz Head Office Address: 303 Perimeter Center North, Suite 202, Atlanta, GA 30346

Mercedes Benz Office Phone Number: N/A

Mercedes Benz Office Fax Number: N/A

Mercedes Benz Official Website: mercedes-benz.com, mbusa.com/Mercedes(USA Website)

Social Profiles

You can follow Mercedes Benz on their social networking sites  and stay updated with the latest news all the time. The links of the social networking sites are stated below.

Facebook Page: facebook.com/MercedesBenz

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/mercedesbenz

Google+ Profile: plus.google.com/+MercedesBenz

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/mercedesbenz

Pinterest Profile: pinterest.com/MercedesBenz

Snapchat Profile: N/A

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/mercedesbenz

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/MercedesBenzTV

Important Links

Careers: mbusa.com/mercedes/about_us/careers

To resolve job related quarries and get information on the current vacancies in Mercedes Benz, go to the page mentioned above.

Contact Form: mercedes-benz.custhelp.com/app/ask

Fill the contact form with the options given in the link, in order to reach the company.

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