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Jimmy Kimmel Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Official Website

James Christian Kimmel popularly known as Jimmy Kimmel is an American TV host, writer, producer and comedian by profession. Jimmy is the host & executive producer of a late night talk show and Jimmy Kimmel Live! that premiered on ABC in 2003. He also hosted 2012 & 2016 Emmy Awards and 2017 Academy Awards. Jimmy took birth on 13th November 1967 in New York and is the eldest of the three children. His mother Joan Kimmel is a housewife while his father James John Kimmel is IBM executive. His younger brother Jonathan Kimmel is TV show Writer and his younger sister Jil Bryan is TV Show Host.

How to Contact Jimmy Kimmel

When Jimmy was nine years old, his family moved to Las Vegas where he completed his school education from Ed W. Clark High School and then studied at the University of Nevada for one year and Arizona State University for two years. Jimmy completed his honorary degree in 2013.

While Jimmy was in high school, he started his radio career by hosting a Sunday Night interview show on KUNV which is a non-commercial and jazz oriented campus radio station. He was also popular caller to the KZZP – FM afternoon show. Jimmy got his first job as co host of ‘The Me and Him Show’ which got aired on KZOK – FM in Seattle.

Jimmy started his TV career as a comedian with Ben Stein (American Writer, Actor, Lawyer and Commentator on economic and political issues) with the game show Win Ben Stein’s Money. The game show began airing in 1997 on Comedy Central. The combination of Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Stein earned an Emmy Award for Best Game Show Host.

During the 1990s, he co hosted and co produced The Man Show (Comedy Central’s) and left Ben Stein’s Money show in 2001. The success of The Man Show allowed Jimmy to create & produce Crank Yankers which is an American TV show for Comedy Central under the banner of Jackhole Productions. He left the Man Show in order to host popular American late night talk show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ permanently.

Jimmy Kimmel started dated Molly McNearney (Talk Show’s Writer) in 2009 and in August 2012 they both got engaged and married in July 2013.

How to Contact Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel TV Host, Comedian, Writer & Producer
Date of Birth 13 November 1967
Physical Stats
Height 6′ 0″ (1.83 m)
Weight 83 kg (183 pounds)
Waist Size 33 inches
Biceps 13.5 inches
Chest Size 41 inches
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown

Jimmy Kimmel Contact Details

Jimmy Kimmel Company Address: N/A

Jimmy Kimmel Residence Address: Los Angeles

Jimmy Kimmel Phone Number: N/A

Jimmy Kimmel WhatsApp Number: N/A

Jimmy Kimmel Fax Number: N/A

Jimmy Kimmel Email ID: N/A

Jimmy Kimmel Official Website: www.abc.go.com/shows/jimmy-kimmel-live

Social Profiles

How to Contact Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel is active on almost all popular social networking platforms. Below are the links to all the social profiles of Jimmy Kimmel. Follow them to get his latest update.

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/JimmyKimmelLive

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/jimmykimmel

Google Plus Profile: plus.google.com/u/0/+JimmyKimmelLive

LinkedIn Profile: N/A

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/JimmyKimmelLive

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/jimmykimmel



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  • kristamobarak March 5, 2018, 11:12 pm

    Mr Kimmel. just indiminated me and others with his remarks. STICK TO COMEDY! NOT ASSAULTING THE PRESIDENT. NO ONE WANTS TO KNOW YOUR OPINION. YOUR VERY RUDE RESPECT AUTHORITY.PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. YOUR BEING A HYPOCRITE BY WHAT YOU SAID AT GLOBAL AWARDS. Because you need to take your own advice honestly. I can’t watch your show anymore. VICE president Pence really how ridiculous. When does your nonsense stop. Not everybody feels the way that do you do or shares her opinions thank you

  • Allan Singer March 6, 2018, 6:38 am

    I was looking forward to spending a great evening watching the Oscars last night with my wife. We have often enjoyed the show, though it’s not what it used to be. To me, it lacks the grandeur and class it use to have. The show use to be about the artists who stove and worked hard to create something unique and memorable , be it great acting, music, writing or photography. However, your political comments ruined the purpose of the show. There really is no place for a political platform during the Oscars. You ruined it for my wife and I so badly that I turned off the TV. You hurt our President in the eyes of the world, our country and the people in it, and you really disappointed me personally. I spent 51 years in show business. You went where you should not have gone for the sake of a bad joke and you assumed that we all like what you would have to say. Well, we do NOT . You need to man up and apologize to the President and to we in this great country who have the right to believe differently and be respected for it without using fame and TV as you assumed you had the right to use as a soapbox. We allowed you into our home as an MC for the Oscars and nothing more. I am deeply hurt by your comments and I will think twice about ever wanting to watch any show you are on ever again until you apologize to America and the President for your disgusting, childish and hurtful remarks.

  • Brendan Stecchini March 21, 2018, 6:32 pm

    Thank you Jimmy Kimmel for defending the UNITED States of America. You keep my spirits up and provide me with hope for a better future. Again thank you for defending the REAL things that have made and hopefully will continue to make the UNITED States of America truly great and aleader of the free democratic world.

    Thank you for taking action against the horrors of the Trump Store. I myself bought one of the original MAGA White hats as a joke way back. I showed it to my friends because it was made in Bangledes. The joke was on me he won.

    Maybe you can do one more good thing please stop the Trump-Putin Collusion meeting. Trump always says that real secrets are passed hand to hand by courier. Now Trump wants a secret meeting with Putin so they can pass more secrets.

    During this cyber war with Russia, Trump has just privided aid and comfort to the enemy of the UNITED States of America.

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