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Converse Customer Service Phone Number, Email ID, Office Address

Converse Shoes is the leading footwear multinational company established in February 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse. It is a subsidiary of Nike Company headquartered at Massachusetts, United States. The tagline of the company is ‘Chuck Taylors sneakers’. Converse Shoes basically manufactures trendy sneakers for men, women and kids. It also retails in basketball and skateboarding footwear products. These shoes are comfortable to consumer’s feet. This company also offers latest and trendy fashion accessories like belts, wallets, hand bags, watches, hats and many other products. It also lets you to design products for the company.

Converse Shoes Customer Service Contact Details

The complete information of the company Converse Shoes is given below which can be used in terms of query. To contact customer care department for your doubts about the products, just dial the numbers given.

Converse Shoes Consumer Service Number : 888-792-3307
For any query regarding Converse range of products, its replacement or warranty, just dial the above number. You can make call to the customer care department on all the days of the week for 24 hours. The given number is not a toll free number. Normal call rates will be applied.

Converse Shoes Customer Service E-mail ID : estore@converse.com
The email ID given above can also be used for contacting the company directly regarding complaints, suggestions, feedback, reviews and other product related inquiries.

Converse Online Order Details Email ID : weborderinfo@converse.com
The email ID can be used to get product related details on website. You can discuss any kind of web products of Converse  by using this email ID.

Converse Watch Customer Service Number –  (877) 807-2788
If you want to solve your queries related to Converse watches. Then you can follow the above helpline number. It is specially served for watches online.

Converse Company Logo

Converse Company Logo

Converse Headquarters Office Address

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Headquarter office of Converse USA is located in North Andover city of Massachusetts. Follow the address to contact the company office.

Address : Converse Inc., One High Street, North Andover, MA 01845-2601

Important Links

Company Official Website : converse.com
This is the url of the official website of Franco Leone Shoes. To get full information about products of Franco Leone, their warranty or replacement . We recommend you to visit this site.

Retail Store : converse.com/Help/RetailLocator.aspx
The nearest store of Converse Shoes is available on this link

Contact Page : converse.com/Help/ContactUs.aspx
For further inquiries and information, you can also visit the contact page of company. There you can find contact form which will let you contact the company directly.

Career : converse.com/About/Careers.aspx
For those who want to contribute in the success of Converse Shoes with job and employment.

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FAQ : converse.com/Help/FAQs.aspx
Some common FAQ’s regarding Converse range of products.

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  • Peter Fischer November 12, 2014, 4:32 pm

    hallo Miteinander,
    ich habe soeben die neuen Converse Rubber in black von euch erhalten…..ein super Kompliment an euch die sind einfach genial

    weiter so…..

    Herzliche Grüsse
    aus Austria


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  • Linda Ducas May 23, 2016, 5:17 pm

    I was wondering why Converse doesn’t do “once in a while” type re-issues of some of their most popular styles from a long time ago, like the Jimi Hendrix hi-tops based on that blue coat he used to wear for instance, or the animal party low tops. I understand that licensing may have something to do with it, but re-issues of the most popular styles sure would be nice. The originals are almost impossible to find, and unless that’s what you’re shooting for, I bet it would make a lot of your customers happy, including me.

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